Thursday, 19 February 2015

Leaving On A Train

Although songwriting is essentially a solitary activity I do occasionally write with other people. My favourite collaborator is Mike Bennett who lives in Cottingham in East Yorkshire. Mike is an amazing musician and writes lovely fiddle tunes. I usually get an idea and maybe begin writing some lyrics. If I get stuck on a tune I'll take the lyrics to Mike. He will have a go at writing a tune and then we'll meet and finish off the song together. I love writing with Mike because he will take me out of my comfort zone and will encourage me to try different tempos, keys and chords. 

This song is our latest effort. I got this idea of a couple sitting in a station platform cafe. I had Pickering station cafe on The North Yorks Moors Railway in mind. They are sitting waiting for a train which will take her away from him. It's a kind of 'Brief Encounter' moment. I didn't want to give too much away of the story that is left to your imagination. Hope you like the song when you get to hear it. 

He'll never forget this time and this place
The smell of her perfume and her warm embrace
He's trying to disguise his sorrow and pain
Of her leaving on a train

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