Thursday, 12 February 2015

Songwriting in Schools

I work at Nawton Primary School near Helmsley every Thursday afternoon teaching music. The school is federated with Rosedale Primary School and the children from Rosedale come down to join the Nawton children every Thursday afternoon. I teach 4 groups; Y5, Y6, Y3/4 & Y1/2. Yesterday with the Y3/4 I used the method of writing new words to an existing song. We have been singing 'Yellow Submarine' for a while so used that tune. I came up with a chorus;

We all go to Nawton Primary School, Nawton Primary School
And Rosedale Primary School. 

The children came up with the following verse;

And we all wear blue and green (blue and green)
And together we can play (we can play!)
And we are friendly too (friendly too!)
In our lovely primary schools.....

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