Thursday, 26 February 2015

Songwriting In Schools Lullaby

Meet Ellie. She featured heavily in a class activity I did at school today with some wonderful infants. It was an activity I learnt about at a recent NYMAZ Conference. 

I introduced her and the children called her 'Ellie.' I told the children that she never went to sleep at night until someone sang her a song. We decided these songs were called lullabies. I asked the children to come up with some lines for a simple 4 line lullaby. They came up with;
Little baby sleep
Close your eyes 
You've had a busy day
Sweet dreams Ellie

Then I asked some children to 'sing' the lines and we quickly found a tune. I played the guitar and we sang the lullaby to Ellie. Unfortunately she kept waking up so we had to sing it a few times! 

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